Last Day in Munich (July 8th 2014)


Today marked our last day in Munich, and although it is sad to leave this city that I have grown to love, I am looking forward to exploring even more of Germany as we travel to Nuremberg tomorrow.
We started the day as usual with breakfast as a group and then met in the late morning to speak with a representative from Munich’s documentation center that will be opening this coming April. Many of the students asked about the delay of the opening, as this is something we have been questioning ourselves while studying Munich. Is Munich embarrassed to acknowledge the Holocaust? This is still up for debate, as we continued to talk to the representative about the artifacts in the documentation center, the funding and the city itself.
We then had a quick break and later met in the conference room in our hotel to present on our chosen topic that we studied when we went to the archives yesterday. There were such a diverse group of topics and opinions. The conversation was so engaging; we went on for over three hours discussing these presentations. Even those who had chosen to write about the same artifact had different experiences studying it, this made for great discussion.
After a long afternoon, some friends and I went for fine dining at Pizza Hut (but actually, Pizza Hut’s are like sit down restaurants in Munich)! It was such a nice way to continue our discussion from the afternoon but also relax and get ready for the next leg of our adventure.
The next Germany game goes on in about twenty minutes and although I am not watching tonight, I am sending all my support to this amazing country. Go Deutschland!
The next time I write, I will be in Nuremberg! Talk to you then!


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